The Dish – Best Restaurants In South Florida

What’s Your Favorite South Florida Restaurant?

We are foodies in this family! Plus as a Realtor, I am always heading to meetings around South Florida that, well, involve dining and the occasional adult beverage!

We love to share the best restaurants in South Florida and Boca Raton with all of our friends near and far! There is no better place to be than South Florida in regard to the huge variety of restaurants and the dining opportunities that surround us from the Palm Beaches to Boca Raton and Delray Beach, to Fort Lauderdale and South Beach in Miami and the Florida Keys!


We are here to help locals and visitors discover some of our favorite food joints via Instagram and blog posts!

Now one of things you need to know, is that we really like almost any type of food. The plethora of dining experiences that we have enjoyed is truly endless. From barbeque, to Cuban, from steakhouses to Chinese the list of what we love to eat is endless. Not to mention the seasons…stone crabs and Florida lobster being our personal faves!

Not to mention that our family loves to cook. Italian being front and center and fresh fish like mahi mahi and snapper!

Blog Posts & Instagram Reels

You can check out some of our food blog posts right here and we are going to be adding more to #SoooBoca Lifestyle on Instagram too, since it is sooo much of what we love. Breaking bread with a beautiful craft cocktail or glass of cold chardonnay enjoying the company of others is how we love to spend our time!

I have to admit, one of our favorite things to do is dine at the bar. Yup…the #SoooBoca gals will always be up for having a great meal or appy just sitting at the bar. Some of most fun times have started out with a cocktail and the prolific “lets just sit here and eat” and if you know, you know.


One of the beautiful things about dining out is the people you meet. The servers, bartenders and staff of restaurants we frequent. Having conversations with soon to be friends and dining acquaintances.

The cool thing about living in Boca Raton and South Florida is most of the year we can dine outside if we want to or take advantage of icy cold air conditioned dining spots.

Sooo…if you are looking for the best restaurants in Boca Raton and the surrounding South Florida cities “lets dish”!

By The Way…If You Want Easy Recipes Do This

Make sure to follow Kylie Bellisari on TikTok for easy to follow recipes that you can do with just a few ingredients! I mean, even I, the non chef can follow her fun and easy instructions!


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