Moving is never easy! It is overwhelming, stressful, emotional, time sucking and just frankly a big drag in things we have to do in life. It is absolutely mind-boggling if you have are cleaning out a home due to the passing of a friend or loved one or perhaps you have a senior who is need of downsizing to assisted living.

Where do you begin? Well here is the good news…there are professionals out there that can help you coordinate all the “moving” pieces to your clean out, downsize and actual move AND it gets better…if you are living out of state and don’t want to or cannot make the numerous trips here on your vacation time, your personal time and holiday time you can hire professionals and direct them to what you want to keep, ship, sell and donate.

As a member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM.org) I can assure you there are individuals and companies that can help you and the senior adult in your family relocate in a smooth and fairly stress free manner.

As a Realtor with three designations working with seniors downsizing and probate properties I am involved with many senior organizations and the Boca Walk to End Alzheimers…believe me we brainstorm ideas for our clients to make things easier for them.

My first question to my real estate clients is how are you doing? Many of my clients are caregivers to their parents and are tired, worried and anxious. The next questions are how do you plan to get the property emptied, how do want items shipped to you, what are you wanting to keep or move to the senior’s new home, and we go from there to make it a smooth transition. There are always many questions and all of them have an answer believe it or not.

My point is this…don’t go it alone, let people “more organized and connect” than you help you out. You are not on an island believe it or not. Reach out to professionals like myself that can come up with a game plan with you and for your senior. You can visit us at www.moveyourparent.com for more information.Senior Downsize - The Upsizing to Downsizing

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