We Love to Travel & Share Our Journeys!

Wanderlust. Flight. Roadtrippers. Destination Seekers. Daycations. Staycations. Wayfaring. Globetrotting. Excursions. Seekers. Whatever one calls it we enjoy exploring, trying new places, spaces and locations while on a shoestring budget and we love to share our travel tales with you! We have packing tips, travel suggestions and resources for you!

As travel vloggers and bloggers we love to experience different countries and cities. We fly or drive to our destinations with limited agendas and plans in case something unexpected comes up that we want to experience! 

We love to have fun wherever we go and of course we vlog, blog and drop stories in Instagram and Facebook during our trips.  

Do you have a favorite destination? Love to hear about it so we can add to our #SoooBoca bucket list!  We are entrepreneurs and firm believers that vacation time is good for the mind, body and soul so hope you follow our journeys locally and globally! 

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