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Boca Raton’s Charcuterie Scene: A Flavorful Journey

Charcuterie Boards – When Trendy Is Delicious

Charcuterie Boards.  What can we say? They are, in a word, fabulous. And, in recent months their popularity has soared. It’s easy to understand why.

What Is a Charcuterie Board

Traditionally, if you ordered a charcuterie board in a restaurant your waiter or waitress would deliver a platter of meats and cheeses along with some dried or fresh fruits.

They have been around forever. In fact, D’Artagnan has been creating and delivering them for “more than 30 years”. 

Perhaps because we were spending more time at home, at some point mid-pandemic the popularity of these boards skyrocketed. In fact, a host of these boards are available online; they were a go-to holiday gift this past year! 

Smirly Cheesboard

SMIRLY Charcuterie Boards Gift Set: Large Charcuterie Board Set, Bamboo Cheese Board Set 

Charcuterie Board Offerings

One of the best things about a charcuterie board is its versatility, it’s not just a meat and cheese platter anymore.

In fact, these boards have become a vehicle for delivering a broad range of delicious treats.

The displays can be elegant or whimsical, depending on the items included. In the past few months, we have seen some amazing boards and are excited to share these creative ideas with you.

Traditional Charcuterie Board

A selection of meats and cheeses is the focal point of a traditional charcuterie board. The beauty is that you can customize them to include your favorites.

We have enjoyed charcuterie boards in a number of excellent restaurants and today there are local shops and small home businesses who prepare them to go! 

Grazing Table

Bee.CheesyMiami Charcuterie Boards, Grazing Tables, & Corporate Orders | Miami

Italian Charcuterie Board

Perhaps the most similar to the original intent, Italian charcuterie boards are the perfect appetizer for brunch or dinner, or can even stand alone as an elegant lunch entree for friends to share. 

If you are creating an Italian Charcuterie Board, consider including a variety of Italian meats and cheeses like Genoa salami, pepperoni, and even capicola.

Cheese can include fresh mozzarella and parmesan. Accessorize with olives, roasted peppers, and marinated artichoke hearts.

Consider adding a small bowl of bruschetta as well as some crostini.  Doris’ Market on Yamato or Josephs’s Marketplace on Military are both great places to shop for ingredients for your Italian charcuterie board.

Fruits and Veggie Boards

Popular over the holidays and for family gatherings, these boards are delicious and healthy! 

Whether you go sweet, with fruit or savory, with veggies, you are offering your guests the opportunity to graze guilt-free. 

The key to these boards, in addition to incorporating items of a variety of colors and shapes, is to make sure you purchase the most delicious and fresh produce.

Check out The Boys in Delray for an incredible selection of fruits and vegetables.

Dessert Charcuterie

What could be better than a board filled with sweets?  Honestly, not much. And, dessert charcuterie has become the “it” thing to serve.  The best part is that you have the opportunity to be incredibly creative. 

Candy boards are super fun.  You can choose to go all chocolate (and will likely not have any complaints) or incorporate tons of color with an array of gummy candies. It’s Sugar, in Delray, has an awesome candy selection.  

Outdoor entertaining is trendy (and necessary) and some boards fit perfectly with the theme.

Do you have a fire pit? If so, consider a S’Mores board.  And be creative.  Of course, you’ll include marshmallows, graham crackers, and Hershey bars….but add a variety of candies and cookies (think peanut butter cups and fudge stripes) to make it even more decadent. 

And, for those random chilly Boca nights, a hot cocoa board is the way to go. Don’t say you heard it from us, but placing some yummy spirits (like peppermint schnapps) next to your board is always a treat!

Charcuterie Dessert Board
The Charcuterie Chic Charcuterie Boards, Boxes Boca Raton, FL

Serve Charcuterie Board at Your Next Party

Clearly, the opportunities are endless when designing a charcuterie board. At #SoooBoca we love them because they allow us to offer a variety of yummy food to our guests, but not actually cook!  

The next time you have people over, consider ordering one from a local business or create one yourself! And, send us a picture so we can share it with our friends. We’d love a little inspiration.

Charcuterie Board
Grazing Joy Charcuterie – Deerfield Beach, Florida

Dining Out

When it comes to planning a delightful happy hour or a memorable girls’ night out or in, in Boca Raton, the search for great charcuterie options is an absolute must.

Fortunately, this vibrant South Florida city boasts a thriving culinary scene, and you’ll find an array of restaurants, wine bars, and bistros that serve up some of the finest charcuterie platters around.

Whether you’re in the mood for expertly crafted cured meats, artisanal cheeses, or an assortment of delectable accompaniments, Boca Raton has you covered.

Explore charming venues with inviting atmospheres that offer carefully curated charcuterie boards, perfect for sharing and pairing with your favorite wines or cocktails.

Savoring these delectable bites with friends amidst the lively ambiance of Boca Raton is an experience you won’t soon forget.

Here are a few of some popular hot spots for charcuterie:

Sixty Vines – Boca Center – Boca Raton

Gormetphile – East Palmetto Park Road – Boca Raton

Gourmet Market – Boca Raton

Vino Wine Bar & Kitchen – Mizner Plaza

Boca Beach

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