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Shake It Up With Mocktails

Mocktails, or non-alcoholic cocktails, have been growing in popularity in recent years. Not only are they a healthier alternative to alcoholic drinks, but they can also be just as delicious and refreshing. 

If you are living in Boca Raton or the South Florida area or considering making a move here we have sooo many wonderful establishments to try in regard to food and beverages, including mocktails!



Dry January, a popular trend where people give up alcohol for the first month of the year, has become a common New Year’s resolution. However, some people have adopted this trend as a lifestyle change and choose to participate in a “dry” lifestyle all year round.

With the growing popularity of mocktails and non-alcoholic drinks, it’s easier than ever to maintain a “dry” lifestyle and still enjoy delicious and refreshing drinks. 

Mocktail Vibes

One thing I have noticed as well, is that at the real estate conferences I attend, the popularity of non-alcoholic drinks, mocktails and delicious cold beverages is definitely on the rise and I am very happy to see these options being made available.

This is a wonderful option to offer at events and parties especially for those that are sober and do not drink.

5 Fun Mocktails To Pair With Food and Offer At Parties

1.Virgin Mojito: This classic mocktail is a refreshing blend of lime, mint, and soda water. It pairs well with light and fresh dishes such as salads, ceviche, and grilled seafood. It’s perfect for warm weather and outdoor gatherings.

2.Shirley Temple: The Shirley Temple is a sweet and fruity mocktail that’s been around since the 1930s. It pairs well with savory snacks such as popcorn, chips, and pretzels. It’s also a hit with kids and adults alike.

3.Cranberry Sparkler: This festive mocktail is perfect for holidays and special occasions. It’s a fruity blend of cranberry juice, apple cider, and sparkling water. It pairs well with holiday-themed appetizers and dishes such as roasted turkey, glazed ham, and stuffing.

4.Pina Colada Mocktail: This tropical mocktail is a delicious blend of pineapple juice and coconut cream. It pairs well with grilled or roasted chicken, fish, or shrimp. It’s perfect for pool parties and tropical-themed events.

5.Virgin Margarita: The Margarita is a classic cocktail that’s perfect for a summer day, and this non-alcoholic version is just as tasty. It pairs well with Mexican-inspired dishes such as tacos, fajitas, and quesadillas.

Popularity Is Powerful

Mocktails have become so popular that many bars and restaurants now offer a selection of non-alcoholic drinks on their menu.

They recognize that not everyone wants to drink alcohol, but they still want to enjoy a flavorful and refreshing drink. Offering mocktails is a great way to cater to a wider audience and ensure that everyone can have a good time.

Local Mocktail Finds

Kapow Restaurant and Noodles

Kapow – Boca Raton | West Palm Beach

Chak-Tails Alcohol-free Mocktails to Align the Chakras Heart that has Floral Limeade with a Crunch, House Makrut Limeade, Rose, Basil Seeds, Lindon, and Bubbles

Farmers Table – Boca Raton | Palm Beach Gardens -A variety of elixirs like What’s Up Doc and Pineapple X-press along with craft sodas and Farmer’s lemonade!

Elisabettas – Delray Beach – Try a Limonata Fresca, sounds sooo refreshing or a Cherry Basil Smash!

South Florida Embraces The Mocktail Culture

Forbes has a fabulous article that highlights even more restaurants and bars that offer a variety of non-alcoholic beverages and mocktails!

Click here —Forbes has highlighted 15 South Florida Spots for Mocktails

Brands To Check Out

There are several mocktail brands available that are perfect for enjoying on the go. Here are a few popular ones to consider:

Seedlip Brand of spiritis
Photo Credit – Seedlip

Seedlip: Seedlip is a non-alcoholic spirit brand that offers a variety of flavors, including Spice 94, Garden 108, and Grove 42. These spirits can be mixed with tonic water or soda for a refreshing and flavorful drink.

Curious Elixirs: Curious Elixirs offers a line of alcohol-free, bottled cocktails that are perfect for on-the-go. Their flavors range from spicy and complex to fruity and refreshing, so there’s something for everyone.

Lyre’s: Lyre’s is a premium non-alcoholic spirit brand that offers a wide range of flavors, including rum, gin, whiskey, and more. These spirits can be mixed with soda or tonic water to create a delicious mocktail.

Kin Euphorics: Kin Euphorics offers a line of non-alcoholic, adaptogenic beverages that are designed to promote relaxation and reduce stress. Their flavors range from spicy to floral and can be mixed with tonic water or soda for a refreshing drink.

Monday Distillery: Monday Distillery offers a range of non-alcoholic spirits, including gin, tequila, and rum. These spirits can be mixed with tonic water or soda for a delicious mocktail.

These brands are perfect for those who want to enjoy a delicious and satisfying drink on the go without the worry of consuming alcohol.

They are also a great option for those who want to experiment with different flavors and ingredients to create their own unique mocktails.

Amazon Finds You Might Enjoy

From glassware to blenders check out some great items to create your own custom mocktails and serve them to you and your guests!

Kate Aspen Beaded Amber Drinking Glasses Set of 6-10 oz Vintage Glassware Set Jupiter Glasses
Kate Aspen Beaded Amber Drinking Glasses Set of 6-10 oz Vintage Glassware Set Jupiter Glasses
Ninja BN701 Professional Plus Blender, 1
Ninja BN701 Professional Plus Blender, 1400 Peak Watts, 3 Functions for Smoothies, Frozen Drinks & Ice Cream

Mocktails Are Here To Stay

In conclusion, mocktails are a growing trend that’s here to stay. They’re perfect for parties and special events, and they pair well with a variety of foods.

Pink Icy Mocktail

So next time you’re planning an event, consider offering a selection of mocktails to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

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