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Meet Me At The Griddle Restaurant | Boca Raton

We love The Griddle in Boca Raton for a variety of reasons but mainly because it feels like we are at home eating breakfast, brunch or lunch!

Buzz by this “diner” that has been popular since 1945 over in East Boca Raton and you will enjoy a throwback good time to simple eating that is delicious and good! We have been going to The Griddle for years and years and always run into people we know and who have lived in Boca Raton forever…so it is fun to drop by on any given day to see your old friends and colleagues from around town


A personal #SoooBoca fave is the biscuits and gravy with the corn beef hash and a great cup of coffee. We end up getting different things so we can share from pancakes to french toast to grilled cheese or simple plate of eggs and bacon.

For more information you can click on The Griddle  for menu items that will make your mouth water and hours of operation! Hope we will meet you at The Griddle one morning too!

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