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14 Tips to Listing Your Home During the Holidays!

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Ho Ho Ho or Heck No? Why It is a Great Time to Sell During the Holiday Season!

Ahhh the age old question…do you hold off for between Thanksgiving and New Years to list your Boca Raton house or South Florida condo for sale in order to “get” through the holidays OR do you take advantage of South Florida’s lower inventory levels and less competition for buyers to look at?  Here are my thoughts on why you want to list your property now during this time frame!

Top 8 Reasons To List Your Property

  1. Less inventory for a buyer to look at!
  2. A buyer looking during the holiday season is a serious buyer and perhaps relocating or at an end of a lease.
  3. Decorations can make a home feel cozy and if done correctly can be very appealing to a buyer to envision for their own holiday in their new home.
  4. You can begin the New Year fresh knowing you are closed or soon to be closing. Not just starting the process of listing your home.
  5. One thing sellers are not aware of is that they can block out showing times…work with your agent on that.
  6. Great marketing opportunity to tie the ultimate gift of a home as a present for someone special out there!
  7. Inventory levels rise after the holidays. Seller’s who have had their “final” holiday celebrations are ready to move.
  8. Homestead Exemption – see the Palm Beach Property Appraiser link I have included for complete details.

(Please Note:  You must have an existing Homestead Exemption to qualify for additional exemptions. The deadline to file for Homestead Exemption is March 1 of the qualifying year. For more information, call us at (561) 355-2866 or contact us at

What Is My Home Worth?

Top 5 Tips on Staging Your Home During The Holidays

  1. Make this a time to do your “fall” cleaning and decluttering. Keep it, donate it or get rid of it. Get a small warehouse for storage and get that donation receipt for tax purposes. (Make sure all curbside bulk is picked up too).
  2. You are not inviting potential buyers to your annual holiday party so keep it simple and neutral, put the cookies and liquor in a cabinet when you have showings. (See my Pinterest and Houzz ideas).
  3. Go easy on lights (white lights are awesome by the way) and the outdoor decor…a great neutral for holiday decor is to look to the beach and ocean for ideas to decorate your home. For this year let the blow up outdoor sad during the day snowman stay in the garage until next year.
  4. Pinterest and Houzz are your best friends for ideas fabulously simple yet gorgeous holiday decorations and decor.
  5. Remember that all of the space in your house doesn’t need to be decorated and throw out the old decorations. You can check out Homegoods, TJ Maxx or Bealls’s (which is the photo in this blog) for fresh ideas for a small investment.
  6. Lastly you can typically get a warehouse in any town to store you “clutter” … I mean you fabulous things! Since we don’t have basements here in Florida in most areas and our garages house our cars then this is a great short term option if need be. I use one personally for staging supplies for homes that I list.

So now you have a few good tips on what to do when you decide it is time to list and sell your property during the last couple months of the year. Remember, there are 3 holidays that banks and title companies are closed so factor that in to your timeline.

The one last and most important tip of all is this… hire a great Realtor who doesn’t go MIA during the holiday season. I love the excitement of closing a chapter and new beginnings like out with the old year and in with the new one!

Happy Holidays to you and your family!


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