Jay Feder Jewelers Has Your Bling Bling Covered!

    #SoooBoca was in sparkle heaven like a kid in a candy store at Jay Feder Jewelers exclusive media event to introduce their divine jewels and beautiful store with an oh sooo cool vibe to some of us in the community…like moi!  I was able to play princess for a few hours picking and choosing necklaces, bracelets, rings and bling to try on and showcase.

    Between the signature champagne cocktail with edible gold, the delicious Kosher food prepared by their private chef, that short rib tho… and oh yes… the enormous 23 carat $1.5 million dollar Colombian emerald ring I had on my finga I was simply bedazzled.

    If Boca “pink” is your thing  just check out this gorgeous neck bling … simply stunning! I can think of a million and one places to wear this gorgeous piece!

    Compliments of #SoooBoca

    Truly thrilled that Marc, Devorah and their beautiful family have created such a stunning and special store in a familiar “Old Boca” location at The Boardwalk (Powerline and 18th). I love the history behind Jay Feder Jewelers, which includes the Boca store, a New York City location and the flagship store based in Denver which was started by Marc’s father 40 years ago! Having grown up in the business Marc had acquired all the GIA certifications by the age of 19 which in itself is impressive…although bringing a 4 carat diamond to show in tell in the second grade is a pretty impressive feat too!


    Compliments Jay Feder Jewelers

    Marc and Devorah took over the helm of Jay Feder Jewelers in 2009 and have never looked back. This couple simply has a passion for what they do and have a complete understanding of what their customers needs and desires are. Whether a $1000.00 pair of diamond stud earrings to searching the world for an elusive stone or piece of estate jewelry for their clients you know you are in good and caring hands with the the Jay Feder team. Not to mention they have 10,000 diamonds available to pick and choose from at the Boca location.


    I was also impressed to find out that Devorah has a sixth sense when discovering new and untapped jewelry designers globally. Jay Feder Jewelers has 20 designer lines to choose from including  Suzanne Kalen, Victor Velyan, Aletto Brothers, Roule and five international lines such as Kavant & Sharart and Valentine International from France. Sooo many choices!


    Compliments Jay Feder Jewelers

    What makes this store unique is that customers become family. From the moment I walked into their store I felt the warm and inviting vibe they have created that makes shopping for something special simply a fantastic experience. To be part of those very special moments in someones life are what makes Mark & Devorah happiest and you can see that excitement when speaking to them about their business!

    The Feders usually open wine and serve drinks Thursday night as that is Jay Feder Jewelers late night when they have so many clients who just come to talk and relax. The lounge area features a 500-gallon saltwater tank with a fascinating array of seahorses, comfortable couches and chairs, coffee, cold drinks, a large flat screen television, gourmet chocolates and snacks.


    Whether for Valentines Day, a special occasion or just because you deserve it make sure you drop by Jay Feder Jewelers for a most enjoyable and exceptional jewelry buying experience.


    (thanks Kaye Communications, Inc. for the invite💗)

    Jay Feder Jewelers is located at 6859 SW 18th St. in Boca Raton. The store is open Monday through Friday from 9am-6pm, and closed on Saturday and Sunday.

    Disclosure: We were invited to this private media event. No monetary compensation has been received for this post.
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    10 Reasons To Fly Private via Boca Executive Airport!

    Did you know you can fly into Boca Raton just as quickly as you can fly out! Why not fly private into and out of Boca Executive airport or as “locals” call it Boca Exec! Perhaps you have a meeting here or flying in for an FAU football game or a fabulous dinner …or just maybe you want to “land” that perfect waterfront property!  The airport is rich with history and has been part of Boca Raton since 1936. Big PS…flying to Minneapolis for the Superbowl…better book now Dano! So many flight options so little time! Check out the different flight companies right on site at Boca Exec!


    During WWII Boca Exec served as a base for air-sea patrol, and a weigh station for planes being ferried to Europe.   Sitting along Airport Road you can see planes and gorgeous jets taking flight and landing daily with that gorgeous Boca blue sky as a backdrop or the FAU Football Stadium or both!

    A Few Fun Boca Exec Flying Facts

    • The Airport encompasses 214 acres between Spanish River Boulevard and Glades Road. The Airport’s runway 5/23 is 6,276 feet long and 150 feet wide, with a full-length 40-foot wide parallel taxiway.
    • FAA Contract Tower located on the field. The Tower is open daily from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM
    • Two full-service Fixed Based Operators (FBOs) are located at the Airport. Each FBO offers a range of amenities, such as fueling, ground handling, aircraft storage, conference rooms, catering, and limousine service.
    • Onsite Customs and Border Protection facility (coming soon) enabling international flights to fly directly into the Boca Raton Airport instead of first stopping at another airport to go through customs.

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  • Charity Buzz in Boca

    February 2018 Non Profit Spot Light – Alzheimer’s Brain Bowl

    Non Profit Spotlight for February 2018


    Our first non profit to shine some #SoooBoca light on is near and dear to our hearts as we have been involved in this charity for the past four years.


    The 4th Annual Alzheimer’s Luncheon will take place on Friday, February 23, 2018, from 11 am- 1:30 pm at Boca West Country Club, to benefit the Louis & Anne Green Memory and Wellness Center, the Alzheimer’s Association and Alzheimer’s Community Care. We are so thrilled to be doing this beautiful event at the Boca West Country Club the nations #1 private residential country club community right in the heart of Boca!

    This will be the first event ever in South Florida that all three of these organizations will combine forces together, united to raise funds and awareness concerning dementia and Alzheimer’s in our community.

    As a Realtor, I have some speciality areas that I work in including seniors that are moving and downsizing. Many times the move and sale of the property is due to brain disease such as Alzheimer’s which is one of the reasons I got involved 4 years ago. My bubbie had this insidious disease and we must continue to work hard to raise money to find a cure.

    This year’s Honorees will be Marilyn Weinberg, on behalf of the Alzheimer’s Association; Mary Barnes on behalf of Alzheimer’s Community Care; and Terry Fedele, on behalf of the Louis & Anne Green Memory and Wellness Center.

    Over 1000 business, community and political leaders are expected to attend, network and support finding a cure for this horrific disease that affects so many South Florida residents. In Palm Beach County alone, an estimated 1 in 3 individuals, over the age of 65, is impacted by this devastating condition.

    Dick Schmidt, our Keynote Speaker and lifelong resident of Florida, holds a background in banking, real estate development, and aviation. His time is filled with philanthropic endeavors, which he spearheads with his wife, Barbara, an international bestselling author, in her own right. He has two grown children and resides in Boca Raton, Florida. Dick’s recent novel, Memory Road, is a thriller about a retired senior CIA agent suffering from Alzheimer’s evading the world’s leading intelligence agencies. The book targets the challenges of Alzheimer’s, focusing on one man’s journey to find home. Dick is also the author of The Boy and the Dolphin.

    Judy Herman, a former “Jeopardy” champion, and an avid puzzle and games enthusiast, will be hosting, setting cerebral challenges for the audience. In addition to teaching monthly classes at dozens of senior communities, Judy presents her popular Braintertainment programs on cruise ships, along with many business, social, charitable and educational organizations. Each table will work as a team during the Luncheon, to solve fun word games and logic puzzles, with lots of opportunities to network & win fantastic prizes at the same time!

    Chaired by local probate attorney, Pamela Higer-Polani, with countless volunteers and a passionate committee this 4th annual luncheon will be a huge success. For information on sponsorships, tables and tix please email #SoooBoca through the contact form.



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    25 Places to Eat, Stay and To Do In Islamorada and The Florida Keys

    #SoooBoca and Company Love the Florida Keys

    My husband and I had our first long weekend date away in Key Largo and Tavernier back in 1988 and of course we went fishing and spent time at Holiday Isle and the Tiki Bar. We have loved introducing our daughters Kylie and Alle to the Florida Keys to enjoy all the things we have from fishing, to sunsets to just chillin’ out and hanging with the fam.

    1988 Holiday Isle – Islamorada

    (Scroll to the bottom for show note links)

    In the weeks that followed the storm the #SoooBoca squad helped coordinate a local fundraiser at Tim Finnegans in Delray Beach to raise over $25,000.00 to help those in need in the Florida Keys. In December, the mom of the #SoooBoca squad, that would be me, put together a video of some of our trips down to the Keys and shared it on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to remind people to visit the Florida Keys, spend money there, charter a boat and support the local businesses.

    Cue the fabulous Alina Davis!

    Alina is an amazing human and fellow Realtor with Coldwell Banker Schmitt! As my little December video was up and out there Alina, who lives in Islamorada, started commenting on what was open, going to open, still closed and clearly has an amazing finger on the pulse throughout the Keys!

    So I said “Alina, would you be game to do a Facebook Live interview with me via #SoooBoca and lets talk about all these places that are open and getting ready to reopen and the state of the charter fishing industry and what not”… and she said YES!

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    5 Tips To Open House Safety

    Open House Safety Should Be Taken Seriously

    Whether you are a Realtor  with a new listing or a homeowner attempting to sell your home on your own as a For Sale By Owner there is some risk involved when having an open house. As recently as today I was alerted to thieves distracting agents and homeowners at open houses in Broward County, Florida. While this is not new it is not going away any time soon. Open houses can be another way for unsavory thieves to “check-out” different neighborhoods and target homes to break into at a later date or during the open house.

    If you plan to do an open house please do not do your open house alone…period!

    In today’s social media and online world you simply do not know who has seen your “Open House” promo. I have included open house safety tips from the Chicago Association of Realtors geared towards agents holding an open house but same holds true if you are are trying to sell For Sale By Owner or FSBO. Just read between the lines. For entire article just click here. 


    [From the Chicago Association of Realtors]

    Start by reminding the sellers to put valuables in a safe and secure place, and ask them to remind neighbors about the open house. Be sure to reaffirm the security code with the sellers and arrive early to survey and double check the entrances. If possible, park in an area where your car will not get blocked in.

    Create a sign-in sheet for visitors, whether electronic or on paper, to not only contact them later but also to be aware of who is in the house at all times. Greeting visitors will help you get to know possible buyers and be aware if anyone suspicious stops by.

    When showing visitors the home, walk behind them and direct them as they go. If possible, avoid smaller spaces like attics and basements where you could become trapped. This way, the potential buyers not only get to explore more on their own, but you get to keep your eyes on the situation at hand at all times.

    Scheduling friends or co-workers to stop by can be another way to ensure safety at your open house. If they can’t make it, communicate frequently with technology by giving them a call during the showing or schedule them to call you. This lets visitors know that others are aware of your whereabouts and could sway them from doing any harm.

    During the open house, don’t be afraid to trust your instincts. If something or someone feels off, take extra precautions. Answering visitors’ questions with follow up questions is a simple way to learn more about them. For example, if they ask “Is this property vacant?” You can follow with, “Are you ready to move in?” or “Are you preapproved?” This allows you to better understand their intentions and where they are in the buying process.

    Good luck and stay safe! 

    PS… I use a multitude of cutting edge ways to market homes I have listed. Open houses are low on my “marketing” list because I leverage and use social media, live video and digital ways to showcase my listed properties to attract a pre approved buyers. Lets face it…shouldn’t it really be a second showing by the time someone comes to see a property if online visuals are compelling, on point and the description is not a snooze fest?  Interestingly I am finding more and more of my home sellers are not keen on the Sunday open house very much these days.  That being said Broker Opens are still popular within our industry for Realtors and Realtor caravans to preview. Interested in more seller tips and suggestions just head over to my YouTube Channel and  if you need a 2018 update on what your home value is click here! 

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    What is Your Word for the New Year?


    There is nothing like cracking open a new book or opening up a beautiful bottle of champagne or smelling a new bloom on a rose bush to make you feel inspired, hopeful and filled with joy… like a glittering New Year ahead of you …your future is filled with opportunity and success!

    New Years comes around but one time a season and we make lists and goals to celebrate what might be in the upcoming and untouched months. It is the time of year where you can simply breath in and breath out and say goodbye to the crap and successes from the old year and focus on the endless possabilities of a new and exciting unopened year!



    Our challenge to you is this: Pick a word that embraces what you see for yourself in 2018 and freaking run with it! Read more

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    Why a Business Coach Makes For Good Business

    We’re very excited about our #SoooBoca podcast with Nanette Saylor who is a fabulous business coach with a creative touch!

    I’m Michele Bellisari. I’m a mom, wife, realtor, and an entrepreneur. Today I’m with only one of my millennials. Alle Bellisari is here with us today, and Kylie is flying around the world today, so she’s not going to be with us today. But I have an amazing interview with a very dear friend and also an amazing human, really, and coach…who loves the creative side of coaching to inspire and motivate you to achieve your goals and more success in your business.


    I want to introduce Nanette Saylor, who is a creative entrepreneur coach and possibility partner at the Wise Well Women’s Way. Nanette is a CCA-certified coach. She blogs, she journals, has a self-care toolkit program, and so much to offer entrepreneurs in today’s very noisy business environment.

    I want to share that Nanette was also my business coach. When I was trying to transition after the housing market crash and we had a personal health issue in our family, she was very instrumental in giving me sound advice and guidance in regard to what my next step should be, and if I wanted to even stay in real estate at that point. I am a firm believer in coaching that can take you to the next level or clear the noise and focus in on your business. Welcome, my friend, Nanette Saylor. Read more